Teacher Kwadwo responds to sacking letter from GES

Michael Owusu Afriyie, popularly known as Teacher Kwadwo, has issued a sharp response to the statement by the Ghana Education Service which cites him for several infractions that resulted in his sacking.

The teacher cum comedian in a detailed statement rejected assertions by the GES that he absented himself from school for 55 days without approval from his headteacher.

Teacher Kwadwo claims he was granted special dispensation by the school to absent himself every Friday due to the social activities he was undertaking which benefited not just his school, but other schools in the district.

“Contrary to the claims by the GES that, I was absent from school for 55 days without permission, I state categorically that this information is false and misleading.

“In fact, during the proceedings, the Committee established that on the relevant occasions, I had at all times received permission from the head of my institution,” he stated.

Another ground for his dismissal was his failure to write and submit lesson notes as required by his profession but Teacher Kwadwo stated the claim was untrue as he prepared the lesson note.

Teacher Kwadwo stated that in the era of digitization, it made little sense for him to write his lesson notes and that he prepared the notes with his laptop and printed it but was rejected by the school.

“Management claims that I refused to prepare and submit lesson notes to the headmaster for vetting.

“This information is also untrue and skewed to justify a baseless decision. In fact, the Committee found that I had at all times typed and printed my lesson notes which I presented to the headmaster.

“Except that my headmaster continued to insist that the lesson notes must be handwritten and refused to accept printed lesson notes until the past term. It is thus not true that the lesson notes were not prepared and submitted,” he said.

He has meanwhile indicated his preparedness to take the legal route and seek redress from the court.

Teacher Kwadwo also cried out for an unfair hearing in the GES’ third point in which he is found guilty of gross insubordination.

He protested never at any point has that come up during his battle with the GES and that the law of natural justice which dictates both sides of an issue are heard was not followed with that.

Teacher Kwadwo was dismissed by the GES on Saturday, December 18, 2021.

source: ghanaweb.com

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